Welcome to the Westside

Support the Maribyrnong Bike Sports Strategy for

Fun and Safe Places to Cycle

BikeWest and Westside Cycle Club have worked with council over several years to bring many successful cycling infrastructure facilities and programs to the inner west of Melbourne.

We are disappointed in the reaction and mis-truths from small parts of the community in response to Maribyrnong’s Cycling Strategy document.

Both Westside Cycling Club and BikeWest are not for profit community organisations that seek to increase participation in cycling, particularly to groups who are often marginalised and not typically represented in sports.

We’d like to clarify that  Quarry Park is already a cycling destination that enjoys hundreds of visitors everyday without disruption to the existing community.

In relation to the specific claims made against the Bike Strategy, we’d like to make the following corrections:

The Korean War Memorial will not be moved and has never been our intention.

No velodrome built at the top of the hill but instead a paved path for mixed use.

There are no plans to close the car park and there never has been.

No conference facility will be built. The plan is for a pavilion that will be for community use.

No trees will be removed. In fact many more trees will be planted should this proposal be successful.

In short, we believe the move against the Bike Strategy is disingenuous and has been dishonest in its claims. Our organisations are 100% volunteer run and we do it because we are passionate about the community we live in and want to see people engaged and active in it.

For a thorough explanation of the proposal and plans for the Maribyrnong Bike Sports Strategy, we recommend visiting the council website. https://www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/files/assets/public/planning-services-documents/city-design/strategies/maribyrnong-bicycle-strategy-web-2020-2030.pdf

More information will be added to this site soon, but in the meantime, join up and come ride with us! It’s going to be fun.